Friday, 15 December 2017

Flying Home for Christmas - A Short Story

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We all have at least one journey that went horribly wrong and that only seemed funny in hindsight - if at all. Well, here is mine from quite a few years ago. Recommended listening: Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Shadowguard (Pharim War I) - Gama Ray Martinez

Sponsored by a rich patron, Jez attends the Carceri Academy, where many of the country's elite go to study. Though his patron forbids him to study it, Jez finds he has an aptitude for battle magic. When a sleeping sickness sweeps the land, Jez begins experiencing strange visions of the creation of the world. He investigates them and discovers a trail of dark magic that indicates his patron may not be as benevolent as he originally believed, and Jez himself may be much older than anyone suspects.
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Book Review - Rivers of London

My name is Peter Grant and until January I was just probationary constable in that mighty army for justice known to all right-thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service (and as the Filth to everybody else). My only concerns in life were how to avoid a transfer to the Case Progression Unit - we do paperwork so real coppers don't have to - and finding a way to climb into the panties of the outrageously perky WPC Leslie May. Then one night, in pursuance of a murder inquiry, I tried to take a witness statement from someone who was dead but disturbingly voluable, and that brought me to the attention of Inspector Nightingale, the last wizard in England.
Now I'm a Detective Constable and a trainee wizard, the first apprentice in fifty years, and my world has become somewhat more complicated: nests of vampires in Purley, negotiating a truce between the warring god and goddess of the Thames, and digging up graves in Covent Garden ... and there's something festering at the heart of the city I love, a malicious vengeful spirit that takes ordinary Londoners and twists them into grotesque mannequins to act out its drama of violence and despair.
The spirit of riot and rebellion has awakened in the city, and it's falling to me to bring order out of chaos - or die trying.
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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017: Meeting David Mitchell

Book Festival Goodies

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is always a highlight of my year. This year I didn't  have much time on my hands, but when I heard that David Mitchell was in town, the only living author whose work I have read almost in its entirity (with every intention of filling the gaps still inmy literary knowledge), I knew that I must go and see him. I booked tickets the moment they went on sale and got ready for a long wait. Last night, that long wait finally came to an end.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Movie Review - The Dark Tower


I have been a huge Dark Tower fan for years and it remains my favourite book series after The Lord of the Rings. So, I looked forward to this movie with great anticipation - and once I realised it was not actually a remake of the books, but a sequel I was even more excited about it. After all, with no need to stick exactly to the source material, what could possibly go wrong?

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bunecdotes # 9 - The Escape Artist

 Rabbits may look sweet and innocent, but these little bundles of joy live for mischief. Some, like Gizmo, can be told off so you can get on with your day. Others, like Lola, will need to be physically moved from offending objects or places and even then it's a game for this happy binkying helicopter.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why Write?

A few days ago I stumbled across this quote on Facebook and it got me thinking. At which point in my life did I realise that writing was more than a fun past time? And what do I do to keep it so?

Monday, 10 July 2017

Bunecdote # 8 - Bunny Burrito

Bunny Burrito (n.): a towel/blanket wrap with a rabbit head sticking out at one end. Used to prevent escape while Bad Stuff is happening.

Bad Stuff (n.): nail clipping, medicine, force feeding, ear drops, and anything else bunny might disapprove of.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Book Review: I Am Not a Serial Killer

John works in his family's mortuary and has an obsession with serial killers. He wants to be a good person, but fears he is a sociopath, and for years he has suppressed his dark side through a strict system of rules designed to mimic 'normal' behavior.
Then a demon begins stalking his small town and killing people one by one, and John is forced to give in to his darker nature in order to save them. As he struggles to understand the demon and find a way to kill it, his own mind begins to unravel until he fears he may never regain control. Faced with the reality that he is, perhaps, more monstrous than the monster he is fighting, John must make a final stand against the horrors of both the demon and himself.
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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bunecdote # 7 - The Alarm Clock

Like any pet and many people I know, rabbits love routine. Actually, let me rephrase that, they love the timely appearance of food. Should food be late, they turn into the best alarm clock known to bunny parents. And they're quite creative about the level of noise and annoyance they use in their endeavour.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gaming and the Storyteller

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Looking at this blog one might think my life revolves around books, writing, and bunnies. While that assumption it is not entirely wrong, it is not completely true either. In recent weeks, I have allowed myself to get distracted with computer games - Skyrim and Lego Lord of the Rings in particular. Two very different games in terms of game play and story depth, yet both managed to appeal to my inner storyteller. One because of its familiar content, the other because of its richness.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bunecdote # 6 - Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the first games children play with their parents. At that early stage in life it is more a case of peek-a-boo than actual hiding and seeking, though from the baby's point of view, they have definitely hidden themselves from their unsuspecting parent. When I become a bunny parent, I had not expected that hide and seek is a favourite among rabbits too. Neither did I realise that there are several approaches to the game.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Happy Blogday!

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It's my first blogging anniversary. Which also roughly marks my anniversary of deciding to turn "this writing thing" into a career. While I am nowhere near there yet, I want to take this opportunity not only to thank my friends and followers for their support, but also to take stock, look at what I have learned and what I hope for the future. I also want this to be a chance for you, my readers, to tell me what you would like to see more of.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bunecdote # 5 - Snooze Day

Whoever said that cats are the sleepers of the animal kingdom, has never met a bunny. Granted, sleep never appears to last too long, but they can sleep and snooze anywhere and in any position - even with their eyes wide open. Here's to a lazy day!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Book Review: Invisible Library series

Irene is a professional spy for the mysterious Library, which harvests fiction from different realities. And along with her enigmatic assistant Kai, she's posted to an alternative London. Their mission - to retrieve a dangerous book. But when they arrive, it's already been stolen. London's underground factions seem prepared to fight to the very death to find her book.
Adding to the jeopardy, this world is chaos-infested - the laws of nature bent to allow supernatural creatures and unpredictable magic. Irene's new assistant is also hiding secrets of his own.
Soon, she's up to her eyebrows in a heady mix of danger, clues and secret societies. Yet failure is not an option - the nature of reality itself is at stake.
(source: Amazon)

Monday, 27 March 2017

Bunecdote # 4 - Musical Food Bowls

The topic of food has been touched on before and will doubtlessly be nibbled on time and again. Today, I shall talk about the position of the breakfast bowl which is one that needs to be chewed over at least once a week.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

​ How to take care of your writer - a guide for their significant other (weekday edition)

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Two weeks ago I looked at the importance of routine for the writer. This week, I want to help the people who live with us to better understand our writing needs. So let us look at a possible weekday of this particular writer. 😉

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Buncedotes #3 - A Brush with the Enemy

March has arrived, bringing with it a slight rise in temperature, a shooting of spring bulbs, and the occasional appearance of the sun. And, as most pet owners will tell you, spring is the harbinger of the DFC, the Dreaded Fur Cloud. In the case of rabbits this is no different than it is with cats and dogs, though with rabbits it comes with potentially more deadly consequences.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Routine, manageable goals and the surprising importance of the deadline

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I've been thinking a lot about my writing routine these last few weeks. Mostly, because I haven't really had a routine until fairly recently. Writing has been a hobby of mine for years. While I was still in school it was never difficult to find the time to write, but once I entered university, writing very much took a back seat. I often wondered how writers managed to write books. After all, they all have Lives too, and jobs, spouses, or even kids! Hat’s off to any writing parents out there. I can honestly say, I don’t know how you do it. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bunecdotes # 2: The Gizmo Lessons

I mentioned in his introduction that Gizmo was very shy when he came into my care. While Lola bounced out of the pet carrier to explore her new home, Gizmo made no move to ever leave the safety of the carrier. He had to be lifted out and immediately sought the shelter of an upside down cardboard box. I did not blame him. He had gone through many changes in just a few weeks. He would come round.

But as the days turned into weeks I realised that Gizmo had no intention of coming round and I soon understood that it was not just him who needed to learn to trust me. I needed to learn to understand him. And so began The Gizmo Lessons.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

London Calling

Within the three weeks since my last blog post I was on a brief holiday in Austria. On my way back I took a slight detour via London. I have never been to the city before - unless you count Heathrow Airport, my personal Hell on Earth - but have wanted to visit ever since I did a presentation on its sights half a lifetime ago. It is also the setting of the YA novel I hope to get query-ready by the end of the year. While mine is an alternate, slightly futuristic London, I jumped at the opportunity to flesh out my Google Maps descriptions with real life experience and plunged myself into 26 hours of city adventure.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bunecdote #1 - Food

One of the first things I learned  is that the way to a rabbit's heart is paved with food. It is the constant around which a rabbit's day revolves. The be all and end all. A bunny's first love and greatest treasure. Which makes it the bunny parent's best friend.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Know where your writing goes? or Write until it takes you there?

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In the past two years I have gone from my "I don't want writing advice" cocoon to actually reading several books and articles about it and even doing a free online course on fiction writing. While I believe it has helped me look more critically at my work and expand my skill set and knowledge base, I still believe givers of writing advice walk a fine line and that not everything holds true for every writer. One of the things I want to look at today is the "rule" that says you need to know the ending before you start.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Introducing "Bunecdotes"

I decided to start this year by adding something new to this blog. Those of you who have read  my biography will know that I share my home with a pair of house rabbits. Each of them has their own personality and yet they are as mischievous as each other. They are my daily entertainment, the source of my joy, and the reason for many grey hairs. And from this Sunday onwards, they shall be the inspiration for a fortnightly blog post, providing you with light-hearted, funny anecdotes on every day life with bunnies.
Without further ado, let me introduce the cast of Bunecdotes.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Writing Goals 2017

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My New Year's resolutions tend to be non-existent or, at the very least, short-lived. Exercise more, eat healthy, don't be so high-strung. It works well for a month or two, but by the end of February at the latest, I'll be stuffing my face with chocolate while binge watching my third show of the year, being stressed out about life, the universe, and everything. This year, I resolve to be different. This year, I shall focus my resolutions entirely on my writing and I shall keep them all. Why? Because I intend to review them all by the end of the year and take stock of my accomplishments.