About the Blog

Writing and books are my passion. Nothing makes me happier than drifting off into a world far removed from my own existence, and discussing both the experience and the stories with likeminded people.

This blog is devoted to the various aspect of the writing process. You will find posts on my research and ponderings, including insights into various customs and traditions that I have adapted for my stories. I shall also address the craziness writing sometimes brings with it and hope to answer such questions as: 

  • Where do ideas come from?
  • Why won't my characters cooperate?
  • Why do I write better at 2 am than at 3 pm?
  • Is sleep overrated?
On top of that, I shall keep you posted on the progress of my various ideas/manuscripts and might even offer the odd snipped of story

And, speaking of stories: They are what make my life wonderful, so the odd book or movie and TV show review will find their way here as well.

Since 2017 my furry sidekicks, Gizmo and Lola, got a fortnightly column entitled Bunecdotes, a humorous take on life with house rabbits.

If you like what you read or want to know more about a topic I have posted about, drop me a line. The plan is to update every Sunday, with posts alternating between writing and related topics, and the Bunecdotes.